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What are affiliates?

Internet affiliates have been around since time began, or at least since time began on the Internet. Amazon were almost single handedly responsible for introducing the concept of affiliate sales by offering webmasters and individuals a percentage of any sales they made on behalf of Amazon. This began a craze that has not only continued but has erupted in stature, use and profitability. Affiliate sales are easy to manage with very little input required once a website is up and running and there is a very good chance of making money through residual sales. Even with the introduction of mass wholesale purchasing and dropshipping, affiliate websites are still a huge craze on the Internet.

Why affiliate?

Affiliate websites are set up with the sole intention of selling somebody else’s goods and taking a percentage of the sale price. This means you don’t have to set your own price and you don’t even need to host the whole catalogue. Once a visitor clicks on an affiliate link on your account they are forward to the company’s website. The link they used is then stored in the system using a cookie and so long as the customer makes a purchase within a set timescale they then become your customer. Some affiliate companies will offer you the same percentage on any purchase made over the life of that customer, so one click could earn you hundreds of dollars every year.

What type of goods are offered?

Almost every company that directly sells products will offer an affiliate scheme of some sort and there are so many different products and companies using this system that there are affiliate networks set up that have details of hundreds of different companies and thousands or even millions of different products. You can find affiliate sites selling video games, cosmetics, designer clothes, cars and even property in Spain as well as massive high street stores that sell a large variety of stock.

Some advice on affiliating.

Because there is so much competition out there you need to have something that makes yo ustand out from the crowd. Whether you do this with rock bottom prices, an incredibly well designed web site or special offers is up to you, but there is a good alternative. Niche marketing is much easier than broad marketing and means that you concentrate on one area, or one niche in the marketplace. By selecting the right niche you are instantly getting rid of a large number of competitors and you will only have to battle it out with a handful of other affiliate sites.

The bottom line on affiliate sales.

If you are considering becoming an affiliate to any company you should research the company and the market for that product. Don’t forget over 75% of your website traffic is probably going to come from search engines so you need to find a niche that offers a good affiliate company, some well searched but under serviced keywords and preferably products that are exhaustible. If you pick a product that only lasts a month, then your customers will need to keep purchasing and you will receive regular affiliate payments.

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