Use AIDA During Your Sales Talk

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What is AIDA.

Any business is all about sales, whether you are selling services or products. A business is still about selling if you are promoting the services of someone else. You are in effect selling their services or products instead of your own. Without sales a company has no incoming money and is therefore unable to make a profit and without a profit a company will fail. It sounds simple but so many businesses fail because they concentrate on the goods and the delivery of the goods that they virtually ignore the sales. Of course you do still need a product or service to sell and you have to concentrate on that, but throughout the life of any company sales are important; very important.

The term sale does not refer solely to the exchange of goods for cash with a new customer and the prolonged survival of your business will more than likely depend on repeat business from the customers you win. Selling a product to a repeat customer is still a sale and often it can be even harder than selling to a new face. AIDA is a sales technique that you should remember when formulating your sales plan.

A for Attention.

You need to grab people’s attention immediately. If this is through your website you need to grab their attention even before they click the button to visit your page. The description on your search engine listing, the marketing banner you create, the press release you send to press release companies are all responsible for grabbing attention. Once you have visitors to your site you need to keep this attention with compelling website copy that will draw visitors to purchase what you have to offer. Even once you’ve made a sale you then have to turn your attention to grabbing your customer’s attention again in order that they come back and make another purchase from your website.

I for Interest.

You need to generate interest in your product. Again this isn’t done solely through the website itself and you can generate interest through the effective use of any medium of advertising. You need to keep a customer’s interest when you start your sell and perhaps offer them a little extra incentive that will generate further interest.

D for Decision.

Let your customer make the decision without trying to force your product on them. At least don’t make it obvious that you are fording a decision on them. You should give them all the facts; facts that are so appealing there is only one decision they can make but not so big headed that they seem like unbelievable boasts. Hounding a customer who is genuinely interested in your product may scare them off or simply anger them. Either of these emotions will usually mean their decision will be to try a different company offering the same service.

A is for Action.

Even when a customer decides that they are going to buy from you this doesn’t mean you have definitely won the sale. Procrastination is not reserved for the select few. Try offering time-limited promotions or consider offering a reduction for people willing to buy an item now.

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