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Always Be Closing, or ABC.

You should know how important closing deals is to the survival of your business. If you aren’t closing deals you aren’t making sales and, therefore, you aren’t making money. Without money your business will fail. It is important that you always have one eye on closing a deal and make sure that every aspect of your online and offline presence is about closing that deal and making that sale.

Use you advertising to close.

Good advertising will direct customers to your site that are already geared towards buying your product. By using effective advertising you can close a sale with minimum effort but advertising this effective can be difficult to come by. Pay a professional or a company that are experts in writing and creating effective advertising and then make sure you use this through the most effective channels available to you, whatever these channels are. If your advertising is that effective then you can skip the introduction page when you point visitors to your site and head straight for the product information page.

Your sales team must close.

Your sales force, whether employed or outsourced must be highly motivated and equally effective. They must be able to close sales without too much assistance. They should be able to use promotional material, your website and anything else they need to close sales for you. That is what they are being used for and as long as you have a well-branded product a good salesperson should not struggle in making it so appealing that it will sell. If you concentrate your sales through your website you need to make sure that your product information page, home page and ordering page closes the sales for you.

Your organization must close.

You should set your business up in such a way that it basically can’t fail to close sales. Customers should be routed through the business so that if your first line does fail to close the deal (you need to find out why and change anything that needs changing) the customer is then seamlessly passed onto another area that will mop these customers up. Even your production and your customer care team within your business should be set up to close repeat sales. Once a customer has made a purchase it is down to the product itself, the person or people who deliver it and the material you send out to close future sales for your business.

The whole of your site must close.

A visitor who leaves your site without buying anything from you is a lost customer. Virtually as soon as they walk away you face the very real danger that they will forget about you and the service you offer even if they have every intention of coming back. Set your site up in such a way that they leave some personal details with you. Use these personal details to close sales that you would otherwise lose. Consider displaying an offer to customers who are leaving your site. These are all effective methods of closing sales that many businesses use to good effect every minute of every day.

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