Banner Ads

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Banner Ads.

If you read the Internet and keep up to date with Internet advertising techniques you would be forgiven for thinking that no Internet companies use the services of the banner ad anymore. Many advertising ‘experts’ claim that it is a dying solution to Internet advertising fast being overtaken by an informative anchor text ad or pay per click programs. A banner ad is a small advert for your site that usually incorporates graphics with a small amount of sales text. The standard size for a banner image is 468 by 60 pixels and it should be between 12k and 16k in size. Variations on the standard size have been introduced meaning there are in actual fact more than 4 standard sizes!

Typical sales.

Sales have dropped significantly in the last few years from banner ads and it is believed that this is because surfers have become more discerning. They expect more information than a simple banner offer, and the text link with plenty of sales around it is much more preferred. On average, now, you should probably expect 5% of your visitors to click on a banner. When you consider that a typical conversion rate online is approximately 2% this means would receive the benefits of one sale for every 1000 visitors to your website. Of course these numbers are determined by several factors and could be higher or lower on your own site but are meant purely as a guide.


. Branding is a luxury that only the bigger companies can normally afford to regularly pursue but you may want to consider trying it to some extent with your own website and Internet business. By plastering banners of their brand name all over the Internet large companies that have people have already heard of will be well remembered and branding in this way can lead to very good levels of sales. They may not be instant but they are as a direct result of the branding the banner creates.

The viable alternative.

Text links really are a more powerful tool on the modern Internet. Gone are the days of keyword cramming and producing sites with no real content. Now, if you intend to sell your company through other people’s websites the banner is a dying tool. Text links with short informative words around it works effectively, but the preferred method at the moment is using pay per click search engines and pay per click listings. These have a much higher turnaround and are very highly targeted leads.

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