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What is a Blog?

A BBS is in long term, a Bulletin Board System. The original BBS was a precursor to the modern Internet and involved someone’s home PC being hooked up to numerous phone lines belonging to different people. However, since the inception of the Internet it has been forced to move with the times and now the bulletin board is commonly referred to as a forum. Having a forum on your site that is related to the theme of your company encourages users to register and visit more frequently, both of which should provide you with long term customers because they will need to provide you with an email address when they register. Be sure that you include the option to opt out of any promotion mailings etc… otherwise your emails could easily be considered spam.

Another way to use forums to your advantage is to join other people’s forums yourself. Once you are a member answer people’s questions and be sure to include a link to your site in your signature. Check the terms of the BBS in question before you go placing adverts and direct links to your site though, because not all forums will allow it.

What is a blog?

A blog is short for a weblog and is essentially a personal journal that is created, stored and maintained online. Many website promoters and webmasters have been claiming that the blog is the next big thing on the Internet. It updates in real time and as soon as you submit an update to your blog host it will then be updated directly onto your site. It is really a simplified but effective version of a content management system.

MSN Spaces.

Microsoft has released it’s own blog creation and hosting site that will let you select a template for your blog page and then regularly update it with any information you like. Microsoft surveyed it’s own staff to discover the bets features they found with the blog when they discovered that over 1000 members of their staff use them on a regular basis.


. www.blogger.com offers an excellent user-friendly package for free. It’s as simple as creating a free account, naming your blog and selecting your template. Blogger was actually bought by Google in 2002 but is still run by the same people who set it up in 1999 and it remains free for anyone to use.

Blogs are all over the Internet, and getting in on the action will give you a very easy way to promote yourself and your services to the rest of the virtual world. Similarly, forums or BBS can be a good way to not only attract new visitors but to extend your list of potential leads.

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