Colors help brand your company

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Colors help brand your company.

It’s a fact that professional marketers have known for some time but if you new to the world of company branding you might overlook the use of color at first. This can be a big mistake, as some of the most recognizable brands in the world have colors that you automatically associate with them. If I were to mention Coca-Cola the first color that would instantly pop into your head would be red. That is because from the very beginning of Coca-Cola as a product they have used the color red in their advertising and on their products. This continuous use means that you find it difficult not to think of that color when you think of the company. It would be very difficult for Coca-Cola to make a success using any other color now; for instance changing to blue would put loyal customers off straight away.

You should take your choice of color very seriously.

It may seem like another ploy by universities and research groups to gain massive funding for seemingly useless work, but there have been huge studies held concerning the power of color in advertising. It has been discovered that certain colors promote certain emotions. As a general rule in advertising colors are always bright and brash to stand out from the crowd and be seen on shelves, billboards and the television. Pastel colors might promote a feeling of harmony but harmony is no good to companies if it doesn’t sell their product.

In America the most used color when it comes to advertising and branding is blue. Many companies use it because it is a color that is not naturally associated to either sex; there are many colors that men will not buy simply because they appear to effeminate. It may sound ridiculous but it really is true.

Be different and stand out but do your homework.

Obviously there are a fairly limited number of colors that you can choose from when it comes to customer branding and as with all aspects of business and branding in particular you need to try and stand out from the crowd. Bright red might stand out on it’s own but if you are competing with numerous companies using the same color then you will blend in and not make the impression that you want to. Firstly consider the name of your company, if it has a corrolation to any particular color then consider the use of that color initially. If you have anything to do with natural or organic items then greens and browns are good.

Always research the color you wish to use in the area you want to use it. Certain colors can mean certain things in different countries and even in different areas. Some colors naturally have numerous different feelings associated with them and it’s important that you or the company you use for your branding finds a way to promote the feeling you want. Red, for instance, can mean a warning or it can mean bravery or boldness. Which attribute would you rather promote of these?

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