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Directory listing

. Getting noticed by the search engines could be the most valuable achievement of any website. The traffic that search engines are able to generate gives you free, targeted traffic direct to your website. This traffic is highly targeted because surfers search the specific keywords related to your site. Once they do this they are presented with the search engines view of the most relevant sites related to that keyword. This relevancy is judged by looking at your website content, the number of sites and pages that link to you and whether you are registered in their directory. If you aren’t registered, then you won’t appear. There are hundreds of companies on the Internet that will offer you free submission to various directories and search engines, but despite their claims this isn’t always the best way to go about getting listed.

Manual submission.

Going to each directory and submitting your site to them will take time to complete and much longer to get registered. Some directories can take weeks, if not months to list your site. Considering how many hundreds of directories there are on the Internet, if you decide this is the route to take you should start with the likes of Dmoz.org that gets you listed with several of the larger sites like Google (the biggest) and also AOL and others. Adding your site to the Dmoz directory is free but each site is checked manually so it may take some time. Yahoo have a similar offering but they have a standard submission service that is free and a priority submission that costs 9.

Submission sites.

If you’ve done any research on SEO or submitting sites to search engines and directories you will know that there are a myriad of sites that will automatically submit your site to 12, 20 or even 40 search engines and directories. If you use one of these sites check which directories they submit your site to. To be perfectly honest you are better off using the next option to get listed with Google so that isn’t important, and the same could actually be said for most of the major search engines. There are quicker and more efficient ways to get listed than submitting your site.


. Links to your website are one area that you will have to concentrate on heavily in the early stages of developing and promoting your site. Backlinks, which are static links from other sites, help you climb up the search engine results and subsequently give you more customers in the long run. If you get a link from a site that is indexed with Google, your site too will become indexed by Google and can take as little as a couple of days. This means you are promoting yourself and getting yourself listed much quicker.

Successful websites have made the search engines their closest ally. They offer free, highly targeted traffic to websites that is unbeatable by any other type of traffic. Because of the search and the clicking of your link they are also double opt in; this means if a visitor does land on your site they are very interested in what you have to say.

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