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Registering a Name.

Your Domain Name is a very important part of your website. You should try to keep it short and accurate. Obviously the best domain name to pick is the name of your company, preferably without having to use registration plate letter replacement (a 4 instead of an A). You might think this looks good but customers won’t remember it next time they are looking for your website. Your business will depend on repeat custom to see it grow from strength to strength and combining an exceptional service with a Domain Name to remember will see you achieve this goal.

There are numerous sites that offer domain name registration, and there is very little difference in the service they offer except price. There are a few services you may want to consider, though, and if any of them are vital to your needs then you should make sure you pick a company who offer that service.

Extended period.

Not every business wants to register their domain name for 12 months. Consider how long you want to register your domain name for before comparing sites because some will offer much greater discount for longer periods of time. You are always offered the opportunity to renew your domain every year; however, it will cost you less if you buy over a longer period of time. If you have no intention of changing the name of your business or your website (and I strongly advise against either) then you should consider the 5 or 10 year option. Not only do you make the initial saving, but consider the inflationary savings too.

Special offers.

Some registrars will give you reduced rates if you purchase more than one domain name. At present, www.godaddy.com (one of the cheapest and most widely used companies) are offering a 2nd domain for only when you purchase your first domain through them. They also offer a discount if you purchase the same domain but with different top-level domains. A top-level domain is the section at the end, for example .com or .net. By doing this you can redirect all of the URLs to one domain and prevent another company from registering similar domain names to your own.

Back order.

If the domain name you really want is already taken by somebody else then you may want to consider back ordering it. This means that, for a price, the domain company you choose will try to secure your domain when it next becomes available. This can cost a good amount of money and you will need to settle on another domain name to use in the meantime as it can also take a long time.

Selecting the right domain name is vital to the success of your website so choose carefully. When you’ve chosen you should ensure you are getting the best deal you can from the many companies who deal with registration. Shop around and make sure you check out sites like www.godaddy.com and www.register.com

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