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Email advertising.

Targeted advertising is the most valuable and useful form of advertising you can get. It comes in many forms, a text or banner link on a page with similar content to your own could be classed as targeted advertising, as could advertising through search engines. Email advertising is another excellent example of targeted advertising and done properly it really can reap rewards for you and your business.

Your own opt in list is as targeted as you can get.

The most difficult part to email advertising is getting hold of email addresses. You need to ensure that the people are going to be interested in your product, service or business and that they have opted to receive information similar to what you are going to provide.

By offering a free email newsletter or a couple of free articles on your website you will be able to get the names and emails of many people who obviously have an interest in your area. This makes them opt in leads and very interested in the product or service that you have to offer. Of course this still means you have to be able to get visitors to your website. Research has shown that this type of email advertising will have the greatest results and can provide a 10% or greater success rate.

Purchasing email lists.

There are a number of websites that collect information from people who have opted in to receive information on various subjects. You can take advantage of the work that these companies have done by purchasing an email list from them. Again, this is targeted traffic and not only gives you leads for potential sales but new traffic to your site. The success rate using email lists can be significantly lower than through your own list and may range between the 1% and 5% mark.

The list itself can cost anything from a few dollars to hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. You should also be careful that you have thoroughly researched the company you intend to use because there are some companies who obtain email addresses through methods some would consider to be unscrupulous. You don’t want to be considered a spammer.

Sending your email.

Email advertising is all about sending out a message to appropriate parties. Creating an emailing list is only the first step. Next you need to compile an effective email. Don’t make it too long, usually a few paragraphs should suffice. Introduce yourself and your company, give a short sales piece and hit them with the sell at the end. Use links to several areas of your site within the text of the email.

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