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Your business relies on email.

Email is now the major means of communication between a business and its customers. Learning the appropriate uses of email is vital to the ongoing positive image of your business and when you’re setting up a new business it can be difficult to know exactly what decisions to make. These decisions will ultimately have an effect on your success so you should make them carefully.

Email provider.

There are a huge number of free email providers on the Internet, Hotmail provide an excellent free service with more storage space than most people would ever use. Your Internet service provider will have given you a free email service that you should easily be able to use with Outlook Express or a similar email client. For a more professional approach, though, you should consider a dedicated POP3 email account using your domain name. When you signed up for web hosting there is a good chance you were given several free email addresses to use, and these will always be in the format name@domainname.com. Hotmail and other service providers give the appearance of a personal email address and not that of a business.


. When you receive a business email you should always try to respond to it as soon as possible, and should certainly take no longer than 24 hours. A polite and courteous email to say that you are dealing with the request is all that’s needed although if you can provide more information then you should. Always indicate a date and time that you will be able to respond and be sure to stick to this arrangement. Not doing so appears unprofessional; you will undoubtedly lose business through your failure to communicate properly and meet self-imposed deadlines.

Good business etiquette promotes good business.

Email may be a modern form of business communication but there is no excuse for poor spelling, bad grammar or text language. It is still a form of business communication and should be written in the same way that you would write a letter. Greetings and salutations should be correct and using the title of the person you are speaking to (Mr. Smith, instead of John) is the best way to begin a working relationship. Email software comes with spell check and a lot comes with grammar check as well. These are both very useful tools but you should always thoroughly check your email yourself because they are in no way fool proof.

Studies have shown that reading from the screen takes longer than reading from paper. You should always keep your emails concise and to the point while ensuring that you answer the question you have been asked and pre-empt any further questions. Doing this in a friendly but professional manner will make your customers trust you and feel they can contact you at any time should the need arise. This is one of the main factors that customers and prospective customers look for when choosing a business.

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