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Living the life of an executive.

Being an executive and running your own business will mean some serious changes in your life. Not least you will undoubtedly need to work longer hours to ensure that your business is a success and even when you aren’t working you will need to entertain bigger customers and suppliers to ensure that they remain loyal customers or suppliers that treat you well. However, if you don’t get the right combination of a professional life and a personal life you will burnout very quickly. What’s the point in working every hour you can and not have the time to enjoy your success?

Your professional life.

You should always remain professional when you are working. Entertaining customers is not a time to let your hair down and forget that the people you are with are your customers. You should conduct yourself in a professional way. It’s fine to enjoy the food and a few drinks but don’t forget that more than a few drinks can lead to embarrassing and even insulting behaviour. Your main job is to ensure that your guests are enjoying themselves as much as possible and if they aren’t you need to do something about it.

Your personal life.

Your personal life will become something of a paradox at first. You are always the face of your business even when you are not at work or with customers. This means you should be prepared to act professionally and offer information as well as the business cards you always carry in your wallet. After all you never know who you will get talking to at the bar or while waiting for a cab. On the other hand when you’re not at work you should try to forget about the working day you’ve just had and the working day that is about to follow. This really can be a difficult balance but one that you must master.


. Holidays are an important part of life. They let families spend a little time together away from the hassles of everyday life. Going on holiday is the one time you can truly let go and forget about your working life altogether. Leave your business cards at home and concentrate on having a good time with your wife, family, kids, friends or whoever you take away with you. This is the perfect opportunity to make the most of the holiday home or the yacht you’ve bought with the proceeds from your successful business.

Take up a hobby.

If you don’t already have a hobby that you enjoy regularly then try to think of something you’ve always wanted to try and try it. Write a list and work your way down that list. This way you will be able to separate the two halves of your life and remember that your family needs you just as much, if not more, than your new business does. Go to watch the kids in their school plays and take the wife or the husband out to dinner. Make time to entertain friends and visit your family. Only by getting this blend will you be able to make a success of your business and enjoy the benefits of that success.

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