Faxing The old fashioned way.

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Faxing The old fashioned way.

The introduction of the fax machine was one that took the business world by storm offering customers and businesses a way to communicate quickly. Transmitting paper documents meant that it was no longer necessary to post documents or courier them to customers. With the fax it was only necessary to walk as far as the fax machine and send. Faxes could be signed and sent, and even though the signature wasn’t an original signature it was good enough for most companies to accept as a legally binding document.

Email and the beginning of electronic communication.

Another recent advance in the world of communications has, of course, been the introduction of email. Electronic sending and receiving of messages and electronic documents from one end of the world to the other instantly has again had a huge influence on the way business is conducted. To send a spreadsheet to another company was at worst unthinkable and at best impractical. Copying it onto disk and posting it didn’t just have time and monetary implications but with larger files it simply wasn’t possible.

The speed of fax.

Between the email and the fax business was completely revolutionized. Where written correspondence used to take a week or more to send an inquiry and to get a response the same thing could be done in only a couple of minutes. Instant emailing and faxing not only took very little time but cost next to nothing meaning that it was more than just a viable alternative for companies; it soon became a necessity.

The ease of efax.

Efax is a combination of both email and fax. By using a scanner and modem you can scan handwritten documents and send them to customers or suppliers. You can even send typed documents directly from your computer down your Internet connection without the need for a scanner. Using an efax service you can receive faxes directly to your email address and most companies who offer a business efax service will provide you with a fax number so it appears that you have a physical fax machine in your office.

The future of communications.

The fax is here to stay and while the Internet is providing more alternatives for customers to communicate with their clients it is unlikely any of them will completely take its place. For transferring of official documents and papers it looks unlikely that even the efax will replace the fax machine. However, for ease of transferring everyday documents from place to place email and efax are already beginning to eclipse the physical fax.

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