Before you Publish your Home Address

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Using your home address.

New Internet businesses are regularly started from the comfort of the founder’s home. It keeps costs down and is much more convenient than renting a small office. While it may be more convenient the use of a home address can be uninviting to some customers. Even those who prefer the personal touch of a small business want to be sure that they are dealing with a professional company that isn’t going to simply disappear overnight. There are affordable ways around this problem that won’t break the bank and even allow your company to grow without restraint.

Growing concern.

If you have an innovative idea that you believe will blossom into a popular company with a number of employees then you are going to relocate your business from the home office to an office of it’s own. If you are using your personal address to start with, this can be a communicative nightmare. You will need to send bulk email and mail shots to all of your clients and potential clients. Even effectively doing this will produce several customers who simply don’t ready your correspondence or throw away your new details. If you have a Post Office Box or Mail Box you can take your address with you negating the need to inform your customers.

Appear professional.

If you are a freelancer who intends to work as a sole employee into the distant future then you should still consider using a Mail Box. It gives a much more professional feel to your business and will mean that your customers never really know how many people you employ. Not all individuals, and certainly not all businesses, will want to work with a one-person operation but if they don’t know you have no reason to tell them (unless they ask).

Accessing your box.

A Post Office box is usually situated on the wall of the Post Office building. This way the Post Office staff can sort the mail and place it into your Box, where you can remove it from the outside using a secure key. Private companies who offer a Mail Box usually offer a postal forwarding service so that you can have your daily post forward to you regardless of where in the world you are at that time.

Mail Boxes are a lot more secure than any home mailbox. You don’t need to wait around the house for an important delivery and you are able to pick your mail up virtually anytime you want. Post Office Boxes and Mail Boxes provide an invaluable service to you and your business.

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