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Instant Messaging.

While they are another tool developed initially for the home user, Instant Messaging services do have a lot to offer the business user. As yet, though, it still remains quite firmly in the home. If you outsource your work to freelancers then you will find that you need to use Instant Messaging a lot more than most people would. It’s simple, it’s quick and it’s free but there are certain factors you should consider before persuading all of your customers to use Yahoo messenger.

Limited use.

In business terms Instant Messaging is not a widely used form of communication, and as a business you should be trying to accommodate your customer’s needs not forcing your own onto them. Some customers may be more than willing to use an Instant Messaging service, in which case you should make the most of it’s ease. Other customers, on the other hand, will prefer the less obtrusive email or the more personal telephone call. Of course Instant Messaging is still a fairly new concept to the business world and as it’s popularity and technology increase more and more businesses and customers will seek to use it.

Written confirmation.

Most Instant Messaging services do have a function that allows you to record and log all of your communications. It’s prudent with any business agreement, formal or otherwise, to have this written proof but it simply isn’t as easy to manage through an Instant Messenger as it is with email or fax. If you do use Instant Messenger then ensure that you are keeping a copy of all your conversations.

Simple, fast and free.

Using Instant Messaging services may have its limitations at present, but they are small and will disappear with time. These disadvantages are far outweighed by the pure ease of use and the fact that many Internet Service Providers have free Messaging software that you can download even if you are not a member. You may need to sign up for an email address but even this isn’t always essential.

Setting up a successful business requires an exceptional level of customer care; communications being the paramount factor of any customer relations. Telephone, cellular phone, fax and email are the primary sources of these communications but the Instant Messenger could hold the key to the next step in direct communication.

Costing nothing for either user and being fast and simple to use means that a number of sites already have Instant Messenger type applications to run their help desk. Technology is bound to improve and further features will be included in the Instant Messenger of the future; even though there are a few negatives at present the benefits make the Instant Messenger a viable source of communication.

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