Important things to know when Interacting with customers

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Interacting with customers.

The way you interact with your customers will determine how your customer’s perceive you, your business and your products or services. It is imperative that you promote your company at every turn and this doesn’t necessarily only involve times when you are meeting customers. Networking is something that you are doing every time you leave your house, you should always be as prepared as possible for meeting prospecting clients and dealers. Looking the part, sounding the part and giving the right general perception of yourself is very important when you own your own business. That doesn’t mean you should wear your suit and tie when you’re out playing golf but you should always carry yourself professionally.

Never argue.

No matter how heated discussions with customers get it is very important that you do not lose your cool. Remain calm at all times, and explain your point of view. By all means get your point of view across if it is important but don’t start arguing. It is important that you keep your relationship civil with your customers at all times because even those who seem to want an argument with you can end up buying from you. It is always possible to turn a negative into a positive and subsequently close a sale.

Building trust and loyalty.

An important part of your relationship between yourself and your customer is that they trust you. By encouraging trust from your customers you will also encourage them to give your company increased loyalty. It is virtually impossible to make your customers trust you if you are lying to them and you should avoid this at all costs. Lying has a real tendency to come back and bite you when you least expect it. If you get found out that you’ve been lying there is really no return and you will have lost your customer for good.

Make a connection.

You should try to find something that you both have in common and use this to your advantage. Or at least find something that your customer is interested in and make sure you take note of what their interest is. Find out the team they support or what they like to do at weekends and before you next meet or speak to them find out a little something to talk to them about. If you both play golf then you have an obvious connection.

Using the icebreaker.

By using this connection you have an excellent icebreaker that allows you to start conversations easily. Paying an interest in your customers will make you appear friendly and if you share the same interests this gives you a huge and immediate advantage when you next speak to them. Selling something to a customer who likes you is much easier than selling to somebody you don’t know anything about.

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