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Magazines and publications

Regardless of the industry your business is in there are usually a number of publications or magazines that cater to the businesses in your industry. Industry publications are a highly targeted medium and getting exposure in one of these publications can work wonders for your order book and clientele database. By paying for an advertisement you can select where it goes within the publication and exactly how your advert will appear to readers. However, with some well distributed publications (the type you will probably want to appear in) the cost of even a small advertisement can be far too large for a start up Internet business, never mind an easily noticeable half page advert.

Free publicity in magazines and publications.

Having an informative article published in a magazine or a trade publication offers you two big advantages. The first, and most obvious, is that it will not cost you anything in advertising fees. These fees can be very large indeed for some publications and by negating the need to pay them you are gaining some excellent free publicity. The other advantage is that by providing potential customers with useful information you are coming across as being knowledgeable in the area of your business. As an industry leader potential customers will be much more likely to pay for your services or your products.

Offer the article your customers need.

Consider exactly what your customers would want to know and then contact the editor of relevant publications to ask them about their requirements and whether they are open to freelance submissions. If you sell products and not a service then you may want to consider writing product reviews. Most articles have a short bio or introduction regarding the author and in most publications these appear at the top of the article. This introduction provides you with superb exposure to people who are interested in the service you offer.

With regular publicity you will be remembered at important times.

Obviously if you can find a publication that is willing to publish your work and your company details on a regular basis you will get a constant stream of traffic and by putting your name in front of people on a regular basis they are much more likely to remember you when the need arises. Including a picture of yourself, if allowed, will make you more memorable to your potential customers so if this service is offered you should take advantage.

The introduction of online magazines.

As well as offline publications of this sort a number of e-zines have been established. These are essentially online magazines and offer precisely the same services as a standard publication. Using these offers you other advantages as well. A link directly to your website is much more effective when people can click the link and be taken straight to the relevant page. The reverse is also true, you can offer your visitors extra information by pointing links to the articles you have had published on your website. You can advertise your advertising, giving people more confidence in the service or product you offer.

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