Music on hold

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Music on hold.

Putting customers on hold is a vital yet well loathed experience by all but the biggest music lovers. By offering hold music it has been proven that you can not only tame an unhappy customer but also keep them in a generally more pleasant frame of mind for when they do come to talk to you. A deadly silence can lead to heightened frustration and makes the passing of time seem longer. By using hold music you can make customers believe they have been on hold for less time and they will be in a better frame of mind once you, or someone else in your organization picks up the phone to help them.


. Most music is copyrighted and using copyrighted material, even for hold music, without express permission of the company who holds that copyright is against the law. When you purchase music to use when putting people on hold you should ensure that you are also paying for the rights to use. Some companies will sell licenses on a monthly or annual basis but you may be financially better of purchasing a lifetime agreement. These can be obtained for a relatively small amount of money for a large number of discs. You can get many different types of music to suit the type of business you run.

Advantages of hold music.

Nobody likes to be put on hold when they ring companies, but it’s an unfortunate fact that your company is likely to have to do the same to people who do ring you. Far from being an extra irritation, though, the hold music gives your company a number of advantages. It will act to appease potential customers who have to be put on hold and can often appease angry customers.

A summary of hold music.

Research has shown that customers ringing up to complain use the time on hold to calm down and putting an angry customer on hold can often work to calm their mood down. If you are considering using hold music, and there are very few reasons you shouldn’t, then you should check the licensing laws that surround the particular music you are interested in. You can purchase these licenses on a monthly or an annual basis or you may want to purchase a one off license so that you don’t need to worry about it again. You can select from any type of music you require, so you can try to match the music to your company and the type of people that ring your company most often.

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