What is networking and how can you use it?

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Network Marketing

Networking can prove a very fruitful and effective method of making new business contacts. By attending seminars, forums and other events you can represent your company or business in a professional manner and meet other business or individuals. These contacts can be useful as either a new source of product or service for your company or as new customers so that you have an outlet for your own produce. Don’t expect to win contracts or business there and then, although this can and does happen, but you will be able to hand out your business cards to the appropriate people. It is important that you use effective networking as another form of marketing for your business and conducting yourself appropriately is of paramount importance.

Where to network.

Networking will become a part of you daily life, or at least it should if you want to become successful. Salesmen and executive have been using networking to great effect for many years but the advent of the Internet has seen an entirely new method of networking that is easier and in a lot of cases more effective than the offline version. Combining the two types of networking will see your business open up to new avenues of customers and suppliers. Without these new directions your business will become stale and tired.

Offline Networking.

Offline networking is a popular method that has been utilized for many years. Salesmen and marketing executives regularly visit road shows, seminars and lectures in order to promote the services of the company they represent. You should try to do the same. Look through your business paper or any business publication that is relevant to your line of work and try to attend as many as possible. Take a stack of business cards and promotional material and hand them out indiscriminately. Always give at least two copies of everything to people you meet and if you are offered similar material in return, take it. This isn’t just good business etiquette but it will give you contact details for the people you hand out business cards to. Even when you go for a round of golf or partake in any leisure activity try to have some business cards with you, because you never know who you are going to meet.

Online networking.

Use forums on a regular basis, even if you don’t need any information yourself. This is quite common practice so answer posts as quickly as possible. People visit forums to ask questions when they are in need of help, so this presents you with potential customers who you know are in need of your services. Many forums will not allow you to post your company or website details but you can ask people to post a private message with their email address. Answer any general enquiry they may have before you start trying to push your services. This is a very good method of making contacts that will win you business.

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