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Advertising in a local newspaper.

Paying for advertising in an offline publication may seem like an extravagance that you can ill afford when setting up an Internet business. Indeed many new online businesses feel that because they are setting up an online company means they should stick to advertising their business on the Internet too. This is not the case and offline advertising can prove just as effective for your company as any website advert. Ebay is possibly the best example of this, they have recently had a number of television and newspaper adverts to advertise their services and they are the biggest example of an online company that have no offline business whatsoever.

Is any publicity good publicity?

Newspaper adverts are probably a lot cheaper than you might imagine, especially in local papers. Even local papers get viewed by thousands of people so you will get a good amount of exposure for only a small outlay. If you have an innovative idea or a unique promotion it can really be quite easy to get noticed by the newspapers. Most newspapers have a contact number that means you can ring up yourself to inform them of something they may be interested in. A recent example of excellent publicity in newspapers was a man in the UK who was selling every single item he owned in an Ebay auction to pay off mounting debts. Newspapers soon caught on to what they believed to be a fascinating story and the auction soon became the most highly viewed auction ever to appear on Ebay.

Book-marking your business.

A half page advert in your local newspaper can be bought for hundreds of dollars. Newspapers offer one large advantage over other forms of advertising. They can be kept. If you offer a product or a service that many people will be very interested in then your leads can cut out your advertisements and keep them for future reference. Many people will do this if you have something to offer that they rarely see and can be of great advantage to them.

Write your own article to get the effect you want.

If you have a skill for writing yourself then you might consider writing your own article on the benefits that your company can bring to customers. If you can write it in such a way that makes it an article of human interest or a heart-warming piece then you will usually find that your local newspaper will gladly publish the article.

Press releases and what to write.

Many newspapers have press release type sections that write up reviews of new businesses. Scan through local newspapers and look at websites of those you can’t purchase. Find any that offer this service and send your press release to them. The most important thing when doing this is to make your company stand out as a business that offers something unique. If you can make people laugh or offer them a useful service that no other company can offer then you won’t struggle to get their attention. If you make your business sound like every other business of it’s type it is unlikely you will be able to get a newspaper to include an article about your company that will attract visitors to your site.

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