Overcoming objections during the sales process

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Overcoming objections.

Businesses survive not only despite rejections but also often because of them. When you first start an Internet business rejections may come in many different forms from applying for bank funding to trying to sign your customers or make your first sales. Don’t forget you are a new company and as such you are new to all of this. It is important that you do not take these rejections to heart. They are not personal attacks and can often lead to very positive action that will improve your business and your business practices massively. Take rejections on board and think about them but don’t dwell on them.

Don’t argue; simply change their mind.

When a customer says no it is usually for one or maybe two reasons. Being told no means you have to determine these reasons and do something about them. Because it is very unusual for a customer to say yes immediately, you should consider that your sale doesn’t even begin until you are told no. Ask for an honest reason why, but be polite in doing so. Do not, under any circumstances, argue about the reason they give you. If it is something they are wrong about simply correct them without being condescending.

Changing their view.

If, on the other hand, they are correct about their concerns try to turn this negative into a positive. If a customer tells you they don’t want to deal with you because you are a new company with no experience tell them that this only means they are assured of a first class service because you need to impress customers immediately. It also means that you are more likely to employ innovative ideas to get results instead of tried and tested, but stale and tired, ideas. There are always two ways to look at a problem and the trick to changing a customer’s mind is to make them believe the version you want them to believe.

Expect rejection.

If you go into a meeting brimming with confidence absolutely certain that you will get a resounding yes to your proposal you can only be disappointed. Obviously, you need to be confident, but tell yourself that the customer is going to say no and then give you a reason. Have confidence in your ability to turn this decision around because you should be able to do so. Also, you have to be prepared for the fact that sometimes you just aren’t going to be able to offer what a customer wants and when they say no there is little point in arguing. Simply bow out politely and leave your business card with them in case they ever do. Customers will remember that you weren’t pushy and that you accepted their decision making them much more likely to contact you if they are ever in need of your service in the future.

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