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Website Ordering Process.

Once your website has made the general sale and your customer has moved onto the next step of your sales process, the ordering of the products. It is important to ensure that the ordering process is as simple to use as the rest of your website. Both in the short term and the long term the number of sales and the average value of sales will increase. With a confusing ordering process you will still get some customers but you will lose others and the customers you do keep will be less willing to buy more items from you during the current order or any future orders.

Psychologically enhanced websites.

Large superstores use enhanced levels of lighting, temperature, volume and even smells to encourage people to shop for longer and purchase more items. In some cases the use of lighting that is not too bright and not too dim has increased the time a shopper spent in a store by 33% and the amount they spent went up an average of 66%. Psychologically enhancing a website works in similar ways to the methods that store owners have used.

Storeowners have regularly placed offers by the counters and by the exit in a lat ditch attempt to sell these products. With a website ordering system you can do a similar thing by showing details of other items once a customer has finished ordering or at an advanced stage of the ordering process. You need to be careful not to overdo it, though, because it takes only a second to click the cross and leave your site.

The online equivalent of lighting and other sensory enhancements is the design of the website as a whole and, in particular, the ordering system. By ensuring that everything is well designed, easy to navigate, simple to complete and generally good looking you will be able to ‘persuade’ customers to spend more time and subsequently more money with your business.

Data Collection.

You might think that customer retention only begins when a visitor to your site makes a purchase, but you should consider every surfer to your site a customer. As such, by persuading a visitor to make a purchase you have successfully retained the customer. One of the best ways to achieve this is through follow up marketing. You need to find a way to encourage your visitors to freely give you their contact details in order for you to sell them products. Obviously, once a sale has been made you have their details, but there are ways of getting a customer’s details before they spend a dime on your site.

Giving away anything is usually enough to persuade somebody to part with their name, address and email address. Whether this is a newsletter, an ebook or even a discount on products you will find that this proves a highly effective method of harvesting people’s details. One word to the wise, though, if you collect a person’s email address to send them a newsletter you do need their permission to send them just offers by email and doing so without their permission is considered spamming.

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