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Owning the gadgets.

Technology moves on massively every month, never mind every year. It seems that with every new edition of a mobile phone magazine there is some new technology being introduced as the biggest things to hit mobile phones since the text message. Photo messages were billed in this way, as was WAP, video messaging and many other services that have followed since. Mobile phones have been through various different changes from growing larger with more features added to getting smaller but with the same features on them. Black and white screens, color screens and dual color screens are amongst the options available. It can seem difficult to know exactly what to buy when faced with such a myriad of possibilities.


. Notebook or laptop computers have become more affordable while also becoming much more powerful and feature packed. WiFi notebooks are specifically designed for wireless networking and wireless Internet technology. This is perfect for the businessman who travels all the time. A desktop offers you more power and more flexibility making them perfect for use in the office and the home office. If you have the money a combination of using both a notebook and a desktop is the best way to deal with computer requirements.

Cellular Phone.

Cellular phones come with various different office accessories for business use. You can store all of your contact details on your new cellular phone and you can even access, read and reply to emails. Bluetooth capabilities mean that your wireless headset won’t lose any of the reception that you normally associate with your phone and you can even use your mobile phone as a modem and connection to the Internet giving you true wireless capabilities using your notebook and your cellular phone to access the Internet.

Wireless connection to the Internet.

Unfortunately, it is rarely a case of grabbing a notebook computer and a cellular phone and plugging one into the other to get on the Internet. You will undoubtedly need to get a wireless connection card for your notebook. These are the most inexpensive of all the pieces of kit you require and if you purchase a brand new laptop you may find that the card is either pre installed or at least included in the package you purchase. Once you have all three components you are truly ready to get on the Internet using a wireless connection, presuming you have the battery power ready for your notebook and your cell phone.

Battery power.

The biggest problem with going online with your own wireless set up is that batteries only last so long. This obviously limits you to the amount of time that your computer and your cellular phone battery will last. Obviously most times you leave the house and want to go on the Internet you will be near a power socket so you can charge them. However, this might not always be the case. You can buy extra long life batteries that last for up to five times as long as your normal notebook battery or you can buy extra batteries. A booster is also available that plugs into your car and boosts the power in a very short space of time.

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