People and Friends When You’re in Business

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People and Friends.

When you set up your own business you may find it difficult to separate your business life from your personal life. It is important that you have an incredibly high level of determination and a huge desire to succeed but it is also important that you don’t burnout too soon. Make sure that you have a personal life and that you don’t let your new business overtake your life. Keep the two as separate as possible although there will obviously be times when the two will overlap.

Knowing who to trust.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that when you run your own business people will start to like you who may otherwise have not had anything to do with you. It’s an old saying but you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Never be quick to trust people you have only just met, although you shouldn’t let this get in the way of normal and healthy relationships.


. When you first employ staff you will take the whole procedure very seriously. The first member of staff you employ should be someone you feel you can grow to trust and it should definitely be someone you believe you can get on with. Your first employee will be one who will probably take on multiple tasks within your organization so they should be somebody who is flexible and quite possibly multi skilled. If they don’t have these skills then you should try to ensure they have the ability to learn.

Employing personal friends.

Office relationships are a dangerous thing and so is employing someone you know to become an employee within your company. It can lead to awkward situations in certain situations. When work needs doing you don’t need to feel awkward asking a friend to do it. Situations like these are best avoided by keeping your existing personal relationships separate to your new working relationships.

Corporate entertainment.

Entertaining your biggest customers and the best suppliers you have is something that many companies regularly undertake. It keeps your customers loyal, makes them feel special and usually does a good job of ensuring that they remain one of your best customers. Corporate entertainment can range from the relatively simple such as a nice meal out to the more complex entertainment like a day at the horse racing or motor racing. It may cost a reasonable amount of money but it does do an effective job of keeping customers and making them feel special.

On the other hand it can have a similar effect on suppliers. Suppliers who think they are important to you will look after you properly. You may find that you are being offered improved deals, faster deliveries and a much more dedicated account management team. Treating customers and suppliers in this way will help your company grow and develop by treating all of your contacts as special people.

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