Maintaining a healthy personal life.

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All work and no play makes Jack…

…unwell, unhealthy and unhappy; as well as a dull boy. You may have noticed that we’ve harped on and on about keeping your personal life separate from your working life as far as possible. This is really is a very important point. Stress and depression are most often caused because people cannot separate the two different parts of their lives. They worry about work when they are at home and they worry about home when they are at work. This is a very dangerous circle to get stuck in and avoiding it from the beginning is the best way. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a friendly working relationship with your staff and it doesn’t mean you can’t talk about the day you’ve had with your family but there has to be some sort of line somewhere. Taking a notebook computer and files of work home every single night will not only drive you into an early grave but it will do so with no-one at your funeral.

Take up a hobby.

If you don’t already have a good, active hobby then take one up. One of the most popular hobbies with professionals and executives is golf. Golf is both healthy and enjoyable and also gives you something in common with clients, potential clients and suppliers from all over the world. Join your local club and play as often as you can. When you don’t have time for a full round head to the driving range or the practice green and hit a few balls.

Stay in contact with friends and family.

So many people who are setting up in business forget they even have a family and friends because they are so wrapped up in the new business. It’s true that without a very good level of dedication your business isn’t likely to succeed but it’s also true that you shouldn’t alienate everyone who is close to you by never popping round or ringing them up. Arranging regular days out or nights out with a group of friends is an excellent way to regularly forget about work for a short period of time and it also makes sure that you keep in touch with those that are closest to you.

Square eyes.

This is particularly important if you have set your business up at home. It is important that you do not spend your entire day and evening sat in front of your PC. Not only does it place an incredible strain on your eyes, your head, your shoulders, your back and various other parts of your body but it also places a strain on every relationship you have. Your kids will grow up thinking the computer is part of you and your partner will probably get sick of it in the end and leave. Always find time to have a break and don’t use this break to sit in front of the computer. Take a walk to the shops or sit in the garden and chat to your family about the day they have had.

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