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. Internet marketers have dreamt up thousands of different ways to market websites and the popup is probably one of the least popular ones. If you are going to use popups as a viable form of advertising then you have to be very careful about when and where to do so. By displaying a popup on your site or somebody else’s site you could be doing your image and your sales a lot more harm than good, but there are opportunities to use the popup ad that may convert leavers into sales.

Ineffective use of the popup will drive customers away.

Using popups on your own site to recommend your own products can be a good move, and is certainly a popular one but using them indiscriminately may do your business a lot more harm than good. Creating a popup that will display as a customer leaves a page is all well and good if they are leaving your page to go to another site. However, consider the visitor who has just finished reading your products page and has decided to buy. They click on the purchase link and because they are taken away from the current page, the popup appears displaying your ad similar to ‘Leaving without buying? We’re offering a 10% reduction if you buy now’. Instead of encouraging this person to buy with you it is more likely to make them angry and not make the purchase. Your popup will have lost you a customer.

Effective use of the popup will work well.

Intelligent popups can work for your site. To use a message to encourage people to buy as they are leaving you need to make sure that the code you (or your programmer) use is set so that it activates only when a visitor is leaving your site. In this way, you won’t risk losing customers that are about to purchase but you may encourage the occasional visitor to purchase. If they’re leaving your site anyway, you might as well make a last ditch attempt to win some business.

Getting your own popup.

If you have decided that the popup is for you then there are two options when it comes to creating a popup. You can try to go it alone, there is plenty of software available that allows you to create your own popup and will give you the code you need to display the popup when you want. Alternatively, for a minimal amount of money you can employ the services of a professional designer. These are the same designers who create websites and logos, so chances are you already know a good one.

A majority of popups are blocked immediately and when they are displayed it is estimated that 1/3 of surfers close them within 2.5 seconds without paying any attention to what they say. As a form of advertising, the popup is dying because many people find them annoying and a nuisance, but they do still have their uses on your site to try and win over customer who are leaving without purchasing. Having a popup created will cost you only a small amount of money and used properly it may well win you a few more customers.

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