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Post Office Box.

Many new Internet businesses are set up from the founder’s home address. While this is fine for Ebay businesses or small businesses that deal direct with the consumer using a home address for business-to-business communication does not present your company as a professional outfit. When setting up your business you may find that you can only afford to rent premises and in doing so you face the very real fact that you will probably move to a new office in the near future.

As businesses grow and expand larger offices are required and this can mean a regular change of contact details for customers. While you may be able to take your phone number with you there is no way of taking your postal address too. The Post Office Box is a rented mailbox usually situated within the Post Office station building. No matter how often you move offices you will not need to change your Post Office Box address so it can be a very handy tool for some businesses and it certainly has it’s advantages over using your home address.

Give your company a sense of professionalism.

Some customers will baulk at the idea of sending a check to a home address, and may even hesitate in communicating with you for the same reason. A Post Office Box gives your business a sense of professionalism that a home address cannot provide. Customers are used to responding to Post Office Box addresses and will not hesitate in sending you a letter or payment to this address.

Heightened security.

Post Office Boxes are much more secure than a home mail box normally is; if you expect to receive checks or payments on a regular basis then the Post Office Box is a much more secure option.


. Customers want to see contact details on websites and without them you are promoting a sense of mistrust. Plastering your own home address on the Internet for all to see is hardly a desired outcome so giving a Post Office Box instead has a much greater sense of privacy.


. As your business ages it is likely to grow as well. During this growth stage you may find it necessary to move offices or buildings on more than one occasion, especially if you have started your business from your spare room. When you do so you need to keep your customers informed so that they can keep in contact with you. By using a Post Office Box you can move as often as you like without having to send out group emails and mail shots that some customers will inevitably ignore or misplace.


Post Office boxes are usually rented from the Post Office on a monthly or annual basis and costs can vary dependent on location. These costs are fairly minimal, but if you live in a Business district then you will probably face slightly higher costs that those who live in rural areas.

The Post office Box is an excellent opportunity for a new business to steer clear of the traps associated with using your home address. Greater professionalism, heightened security and a sense of stability are all benefits of the Post office Box. You can collect the post yourself earlier than it would ordinarily be delivered and you usually only require a key to your box to get one. However, some Internet and paper forms will not allow the use of PO Box addresses, so be sure to check the most important forms before you decide on a Post Office Box for your business.

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