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Being noticed.

Once you’ve set up your business and you’re ready to start winning customers, the most important thing will be getting your company seen. The Internet is a fantastic resource but window shoppers and chance visitors just don’t happen to appear at your site. Advertising any business, whether online or offline, is a big part of any business within any industry but it is probably even more important for your online presence. Of course, having an online business doesn’t necessarily mean you have to promote your business solely online you can use offline methods just as effectively to ensure that customers see your website and subsequently purchase your product or pay for your service.

Why bother with an online press release.

It is a fact that most businesses fail within their first year. A majority of Internet based businesses fail simply because they do not get the exposure they need to survive. The best business idea in the world with the most effective services and the most compelling products won’t survive unless you can get the customers through the door. Search Engine Optimization will go some way towards this and ensuring that you get Search Engine traffic should be one of your main priorities. Getting this traffic can take time and you will undoubtedly need customers in the interim period. By using online press releases you can announce your new business to the whole of the Internet and get visitors to your site almost immediately.

Effective press releases.

Writing for the Internet is very different to writing for paper print. The average reader finds it much more difficult to concentrate on reading copy that is on the screen in front of them and the amount of time it takes to read any passage of writing is 25% slower than when on paper. Marketing copy is no exception. All marketing copy is similar in several fundamental ways. Whether you are writing marketing copy for use on a screen or in paper it obviously needs to sell your product or service. Your press release should tell readers why they should use your service over similar services but you should refrain from being too negative about your competition. By pointing out your strengths you infer that your competition lacks in this respect so there is no need to name and shame the offenders. This can not only lead to your marketing copy repelling readers but it can lead to a nasty lawsuit.

Press release services you may want to consider using.

Probably the most utilized of all the online press release services is www.prweb.com. They offer a free press release service that will get your press release, and therefore your business, spotted by thousands of visitors. For a few dollars you can ensure that even more people see your release and you can even target the type of people who see it. www.prfree.com are another free service, although it’s questionable if they get the same amount of viewers as prweb. Submit your press release to several different companies and this way you can be sure that you are getting maximum exposure. There are also a number of specialist websites that deal with specific categories and if you can find popular release sites like these you will get targeted traffic to view your press release; this will normally lead to a much greater click through rate than a general press release site.

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