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The term spokesman may conjure up images of press conferences or president denials but there are lots of different uses for a company spokesman and they don’t always command the kind of figures you would associate with a government spokesman. Not everyone has the ability to stand up in public and make a speech and, similarly, not everyone has the kind of voice that is appealing and useful over the radio or on the television. Under these circumstances, hiring a spokesman for the company may be the best opportunity. Indeed, you may already use similar services to those offered by a spokesman through an employee of your company.

Press releases and conferences.

It is highly unlikely that you will be in a position that you will need to issue a statement to the press or to your public, but this is one use of a spokesman. This kind of activity from a spokesman would normally be associated with large companies and organizations.

Using a spokesman for advertising.

If you want a radio or television presence then you will need to make an advert of some sort. To do this you need to get up and promote the company yourself or use the services of another person to do so. This other person effectively becomes the spokesman for your company. They are the face of your company that your customers and potential customers will first see when they consider using your services. You may not have the face for television or the voice for radio, few of us actually do but there are professionals who offer this service at inexpensive rates and are well practiced at doing so.

Using a spokesman for other purposes.

Essentially when you send a salesman to a sales meeting they are acting as a spokesperson for your company. They are the face of your business and need to present themselves as such. When they leave the sales meeting and the customer thinks of your business they will automatically think of the salesman who came to visit. Further down the line if you use a customer or account manager to visit your customers they then take over the role as the spokesman for your company and, again, it is important that they conduct themselves in the manner you want.

A spokesman is as important to your business as the business itself. This is because your spokesman essentially is your business. Whatever role they are fulfilling when they speak to prospective customers or issue statements they are the face of your company. Even if they have no idea what your company is about they are the person that viewers will imagine when they think of your product. It is important to find a spokesman that fits the needs of you and your business and can promote both in a suitable manner.

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