Staying Healthy in an unhealthy world

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Staying Healthy.

Setting up your own Internet business is going to be a frantic time and there will be occasions where you will suffer from more than your fair share of stress and worry. Remaining healthy throughout all of this is of paramount importance to you and your family. If you run yourself into the ground by working 18 hours a day, seven days a week you won’t be of any use to your business and you won’t be of any use to you or your family. It is important that you stay smart and you stay alert.


. One of the first things to suffer when you are experiencing busy times at work is a healthy diet. Eating lunches on the run and having fast food delivered to your desk on a daily basis is not a healthy way to live. Sandwiches, soups, tortilla and salads are just as quick and easy to prepare (or buy if necessary) and they are much more healthy than fried egg sandwiches. It may sound like a tale your mum used to get you to eat your porridge but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When your stomach is full of healthy food you perform better and you feel better. This means you won’t be as easily irritated and in the long run you will remain healthier. East three square meals a day and try to live on a good, balanced diet.

Staying alert.

Many people turn to stimulants to stay alert and to relaxants to combat stress. These mood enhancers can range from the legal, but still harmful, caffeine and tobacco to the illegal and harmful marijuana or cocaine.


. While the odd cup of coffee is unlikely to do you any harm it is still a relatively strong stimulant and excessive use can lead to health problems. In the short term you will find it difficult to wind down when you’ve finished a hard day’s work and you may suffer from stomach cramps. In the long run too much caffeine can seriously damage the lining of your stomach. Try to alternate between coffee and water, and if possible replace a majority of your cups of coffee with water eventually.


We all know the dangers of smoking but it’s a fact that many people still do. They claim that smoking helps them to relax during and after a hard day at the office. Giving up smoking can be very difficult and if you do smoke you should try to limit the amount of cigarettes you smoke while at work. Find something else to do with your breaks and after you’ve eaten because these are the most common time for people to have a cigarette.


Cannabis is one of the strongest known relaxants and while in many countries it is being decriminalized recent reports have shown that the increased strength of the drug means that it can have long lasting effects on the brain. It has not been proven conclusively whether smoking cannabis is addictive but if it is something you partake in then again you should try to cut down it’s use and you definitely shouldn’t be smoking it while at work or on your way to customer meetings.


Cocaine was first made popular with executives during the 1980s. It increases performance for a short period of time and heightens your perception of yourself. This can obviously be useful in certain working circumstances but cocaine is a highly addictive and potentially very dangerous drug. If you insist on using it then you must be very careful that you do not let it take over your life.

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