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Template your letters.

Any business in any industry fulfils certain tasks on a regular basis. Probably the most common is customer contact. While you can’t record a tape of your common answers to questions and play them back during phone calls you can set up templates and standard documents for faxes, letters and emails. Responses to some correspondence will be entirely unique and this won’t be an option but invoicing customers and thank you letters will be very standardized throughout your business. Creating standard documents has a number of key advantages.

Save time.

The big plus of creating standard documents is the time it will save you in the day-to-day running of your business. Writing an accompanying letter to go with every single invoice you create is a practice that will take time; time that could be better spent marketing your product or developing new products. If you have a standard document set up that is automated then two or three clicks of the mouse will usually see a letter created and printed.

Save resources.

New businesses mean job diversification. It’s an unfortunate fact that you will need to be completing tasks that wouldn’t normally be associated with your role. By creating standard documents you basically have a secretary on call whenever you need one. This leaves you to concentrate on other core business areas like product development and sales.

Save money.

Time and resource both equal money. The more time you spend writing emails, the less time you have to fulfill further orders and the more resource you dedicate to completing this task the more money you will have to pay. Why pay someone else to do a task that can be completed by a computer? Every business uses task automation to save money, and yours should be no different.

Create professionalism.

If you have twenty letters to write in a day, there’s a good chance that the first one will be done to the best of your ability, you will proofread it at least once and sit back proud of your literary and marketing genius (all customer contact is marketing your business to some extent). By the time you reach the twentieth letter, however, it is likely that you will be sick of writing the same thing over and over. You will complete the job in a fraction of the time and at best you will scan over it to see if it reads properly. This leads to mistakes. Awkward, struggling sentences that need deciphering combined with regular spelling and grammatical errors do not portray the image of a professional outfit. By creating a standard letter you will get the best quality from your work. You will have the time to write it, rewrite it and then proofread and proofread it again.

Standard documents are used by businesses in every industry to complete a number of tasks. It isn’t laziness that makes people do it; it is practicality and affordability. If you want to give your customers the personal touch then set aside a time each week, fortnight or month to ring them and check everything is ok; ringing them with no ulterior motive is a much more personal and appreciated approach to customer care. There is absolutely no reason to personalize every single piece of correspondence you send.

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