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Text Ads.

New businesses need exposure and without it they will fail. For an Internet business this means getting visitors to websites. Banner Ads have always been the advertising of choice for affiliate schemes and websites right across the board, but since the inception of Adwords and other contextual ads webmasters have begun to realise the effectiveness of text ads. Instead of placing graphic banners with very little information and only a couple of buzzwords, the text ad allows you to incorporate some useful information. They are producing approximately three to four times as many click-thrus as banner ads ever had meaning they really are that much more powerful.


. Using text links means that a website has to rely solely on content to sell a product without the aid of flash or other graphics. You should investigate the placement of text ads on a site before paying to advertise. While doing this you should also check how many words (usually measured in characters) you will be able to use in your ad. With only a couple of lines of writing you will have to get your creative marketing copy head on or employ someone else for the use of theirs.

Text ads promote and improve.

Text ads don’t simply promote your site to the people who are looking at your link. You should have a good idea, by now, of how Google works. They use a complicated algorithm to determine the usefulness of a web page and the amount of text links you have from other sites is directly attributed to improving your search engine results. The more popular (the higher page rank) a site has that links to you the more effect that link will have on your own site. This makes text links a vital key to your website promotion.

Why text ads don’t seem popular.

There’s a good chance that text ads are actually more popular than you may think. Because of the subtle approach that they take you may be looking at them on plenty of pages without realising. That said, it’s certainly true that the text ad is not as popular as banner ads and full-page ads. This is, in no small part, due to the fact that they are comparatively dull. There’s no flash and there’s no cute little pictures to tell your friends and colleagues about, but bear in mind that they produce better results and cost much less than a banner ad and you should soon be converted.

Advertising is paramount to not only the success of your business, but it’s survival as well. Banner ads can cost quite a large monthly amount with sites that boast impressive traffic stats. The text ad could be the answer you are looking for. It usually has a higher click thru rate and should cost you less. Writing compelling marketing copy that sells in your site in two lines can be difficult but there are professionals who can do this for you.

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