Toll free numbers are a valuable investment for your business

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Toll-free numbers.

Toll-free numbers began in the 1970s but since then have really begun to erupt in popularity and use. More and more businesses are beginning to understand the benefits they offer and as the price drops further there is very little reason not to have one. It’s true that not all companies need one; if you service only your local region then your local number will suffice. If you have a large customer base, or potential customer base, that spans across a large area then the toll-free number is an invaluable and inexpensive tool to drive potential customers to your door.

Lower costs and increased sales.

Gone are the days of needing to pay a monthly admin charge, by purchasing your number up front you are billed only by the minute making the toll-free number much more cost effective regardless of your usage. You should expect to pay less than around 5 cents per minute of incoming calls. Many users of the toll free phone number realize a large increase in sales making this charge a small drop in the ocean.

Personalized numbers grab attention.

You’ve probably seen the adverts. Phone numbers with words at the end, and if you’ve seen the adverts I bet you can remember the number. By personalizing your number in this way you are going a long way to branding your company and your company image. The personalized toll-free number sticks in people’s mind without a doubt. These personalized phone numbers are often referred to as vanity numbers but vanity has little to do with it.

Image is everything.

Regardless of the 800 number you select you are creating an image for your company or business. You are telling your leads that you want them to call and ask questions. You are promoting your business in a positive manner and you will reap the benefits. If a customer from across the other side of the country sees you have a phone number that is out of their area you might as well ask them to dial a premium rate number; but with a toll-free number they won’t have any hesitation to ring and ask that niggling question that’s praying on their mind.

Image really is everything in business and if you don’t create a positive image that attracts customers then you won’t get customers. By giving them a toll-free number to call you are actively and positively encouraging them to ring you. Once they’re on the phone and they’ve opened a dialogue with your business it becomes much easier for them to use your services.

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