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. Traveling will become a big part of your life when you start going on business meetings and there are a number of factors that will determine the type of transport you use. One day you may catch the train and the tube to a meeting in a city center while the next day you could be flying across the other side of the country or even the world. And further still in the future you might find yourself driving or walking a couple of miles to get to a local meeting. Each method of transport has advantages and disadvantages and there are always factors you should consider before making your choice.


. Probably the most common form of transport for any salesman or executive, driving is the staple method of transport that you will utilize. It is convenient and comfortable to drive your own car to a meeting. It offers a flexibility that no other form of transport can offer because you can leave at a time that suits you and you don’t need to prearrange your transport home. However, driving very long distances is unsafe and impractical but if you have to do so then you should book somewhere to stay in order to avoid driving for too long in one go. Also, you can’t use your notebook when you drive yourself to meetings and even with a hands free kit or bluetooth you should limit the amount of time you use the phone.


. The train is a good way to travel. Even business class trips are inexpensive and offer you the opportunity to sleep, work and eat while on the move. Most trains now have Internet ports that you can use while traveling so you can do a little extra preparation for your meeting or you can work on a project that needs extra time devoted to it. You may need to book early and trains can be notoriously late. You may also need to arrange further transport to get you from the station to your final destination.


. Plane fares have dropped massively in price in the last few years and being the fastest mode of transport in most cases makes air travel the most popular form of getting to a meeting that is a reasonable distance away your office or home. You will need to arrange further travel from airport to office and vice versa and depending on the distance of this journey the total price you need to pay to get you to a meeting could increase significantly. However, for luxury and speed no form of transportation comes close to the airplane and traveling first or business class is difficult to beat in terms of comfort and luxury. Once afforded only for the high flyers the ease and affordability of flying means that many businessmen can fly to meetings all around the world, even within the same country.

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