Virtual offices are being used in many businesses

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What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is the means to sublease office space within a larger office. Whether you are looking for one desk or you want several offices within a larger company’s premises a virtual office could be the solution to your needs. You are normally given the use of conference rooms, meeting rooms, communications rooms, kitchens and other space although this will depend on how much you are able to spend and the company you use. You will normally find that the space you lease will be fully furnished and may include telephones, computers and even the shared use of a receptionist.

As a new business or even an established business with only a small amount of employees and turnover the virtual office has a number of benefits for you.

Reduced overheads.

Not every new business can be run from the spare room of your house, and most businesses require an office of some sort. A virtual office is much cheaper than renting or buying your own property and gives you more for your money. You don’t normally need to pay for redecoration, you will share your bills and you may be able to get the shared cost of a receptionist. All of this will save you money in the short term and the long term.

A greater sense and appearance of professionalism.

Most businesses require an office of some sort. While some businesses might be able to get away with the use of the spare room not all businesses can. If you intend to have customer visits then a virtual office can give you a much greater appearance of professionalism. Having a receptionist answer your phone will also give your company a much more professional feel to it as will the use of meeting rooms and conference rooms when required. Also, the use of a dedicated office will make you feel more professional and usually spurs a person into doing more work and acting more professionally.

Short-term solution.

Some businesses find themselves expanding quicker than they had planned. Just because you have the contracts in doesn’t mean you have the money to pay for a new office. The virtual office negates the need to rent or buy your own space allowing you time to build up more cash. Alternatively, you might be moving between offices and need somewhere during the interim period. Again, a short term virtual office can give you everything you need for that short space of time while the decorators finish.

New businesses simply don’t have the money to buy their own office and renting dedicated offices can be very expensive. Home offices are fine if you don’t intend to show customers around and you are the only employee of the company but sometimes your business will need the advantages that an office can give you. The virtual office is an ideal solution for these circumstances and is much more affordable than a short-term lease on your own space.

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