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. Voicemail is just voicemail isn’t it? You can’t answer the phone so the caller leaves a message in your voicemail and you respond to it when you have time or when you’ve found the answer; that’s what voicemail is isn’t it? Well, for many that’s exactly what voicemail is but the effective and full use of voicemail can offer much more. It is also another form of customer communication that should be taken as seriously as a person-to-person meeting or a phone call. The ineffective use of your voicemail can lead to bad customer care and missed opportunities; you should try your best to avoid these situations.

Auto attendant.

The next step in voicemail is the auto attendant, and it’s one that most of us are already well aware of. When you ring a utility company, bank or customer care line for almost any large business you will be asked to press a key relating to the reason for the call. The recorded voice prompting you to press the proper key is the auto attendant. You may find them annoying, but they are much less annoying than being shuffled from one department to another enduring endless periods of being put on hold. The auto attendant offers your callers the luxury of being forwarded to the appropriate department, shorter ringing times and less time on hold. It also gives your company the appearance of being a large business even if all of the options lead to only one or two people.

24 hour recording.

Having customers all over the world is part and parcel of running an Internet business. It’s the big benefit of going online and one that most businesses are keen to make the most of. In order to do so, you will need to be accessible to your callers all day and every day. Obviously, this isn’t a possibility for most new companies or even many well-established companies. Voicemail will record messages from anyone at anytime ready for your playback and positive action.

Positive action.

Voicemail is an excellent way for your customers and leads to stay in touch with you even when you aren’t available. Using it incorrectly will inevitably cost you business. You should always respond to voicemail within 24 hours of receipt, preferably with a positive answer. If you have been unable to fulfill a request or you are waiting for some information or a product then you should return the call to inform your caller of the action being taken.

Voicemail plays a big part in business and the way it is handled is very important. The message you leave should be friendly but authoritative and you should always try to respond within 24 hours. If you leave it longer than 24 hours you face losing a potential or existing customer.

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