The wardrobe of an company executive

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The wardrobe.

When you own your business it is important that all aspects of your working life are conducted in a professional manner. As well as the way you treat clients and staff, and the way you manage the office and organize the business this should include everything down to your wardrobe. The clothes you wear and the way you look both give a very clear indication of not only the way you look but also the way that you appear to people. Having a professional mannerism should be accompanied by professional attire.

Dress for the circumstances.

When you are in the office it is important that you wear a suit and tie at the very least. Obviously if you work from home this isn’t as important but you should still dress in a smart manner as this encourages you to act professionally and get any work that needs doing done. If you employ other members of staff it is down to you to lead from the front. Wear a suit and tie to give the impression of a professional executive; your staff will follow suit and will also treat you more professionally. Dress casually and there is very little you can say if your employees turn up in jeans and a t-shirt.

Business meetings.

Meeting clients demand exceptional attire. A suit and tie as well as a clean and very smart looking shirt and shoes are important. Make sure that everything works well together. The 1980s salesmen had their knockers but they always dressed to impress and this is a habit that you should get into as soon as possible when running your own business. Keep your jewelry to a minimum and make sure that any that you do wear appears professional. Leather shoestring necklaces with a pendant or skull and cross bones is going to drag your customer’s attention away from what you are saying. Joke ties and socks are also out of the question. One other note on socks is to ensure that they are always a matching pair.

Why the clothes you wear to a meeting make a difference.

When you attend a business meeting you want to ensure that the other attendees are able to concentrate on the important things that you have to say. By wearing joke or character ties, unusual jewelry, joke or odd socks you will detract not only from the image of a professional business person but the offending item will keep drawing your customer’s attention away from the main point of the meeting. Wear simple but professional looking clothes. Single color dark suits or small pin stripe suits are the best suits and a single color shirt with matching (not contrasting) tie will appear very professional and ensure that you feel confident and do not give the other attendees at the meeting a reason to stop listening to what you are saying

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