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Top-level domain.

When selecting a domain name for your website you will also need to consider which of the top level domains you would prefer. Top-level domains include .com, .org, .net and more. There are new top-level domains being added regularly because of the increasing number of sites on the Internet. Of course, you aren’t restricted to one and some business choose to buy up many of the different top level domains in order to stop other companies taking advantage of their popularity. The most commonly used and searched domain is .com and most visitors to your site will go away remembering your name as a .com name.

The implications of selecting a domain other than .com.

Your website will include a log of some sort and this logo will usually represent the name of your site. Visitors who wish to remember your domain name to visit again will generally remember your logo and add .com to the end to find you. By not selecting .com you face losing these customers to somebody else. The next best to choose is the country extension, for example .us or .co.uk. These are also widely used and remembered but only usually by people in the same country as yourself; if you wish to appeal to people from all around the world then .com remains the best top level domain you can buy.


. Domain names are available for less than a year, regardless of the top level you select so choosing .com shouldn’t be a problem. You will find sites that offer you reduced rates if you purchase more than just one top level. This gives you the advantage that more people will remember your URL and therefore use your services again. It also stops other companies taking a little of your hard earned glory if you become a successful company.

Other than .com.

There are more recent domains available that you may decide to use in place of the .com domain depending on the type of business you set up. .tv is one of the latest and ideal if your site has anything to do with television. .jobs is a very recent entry so if you are advertising jobs then this could be the way to go. Another new entry is .eu and perfect for the European businesses out there.

The ideal solution, of course, is to purchase the three most applicable top level domains including .com. This way you shouldn’t face losing any customers at all, and if you d it should be a negligible effect on your turnover and your business.

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