Hosting your Website

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Hosting your Site.

As an Internet business your website should be the most important sales driver you have. You should use it to attract potential leads and you should use it to sell your product or your service to those leads. It will provide a means for your customers to find out any information they may need as well as give them the details required to contact you. In order to do all of this you need to make sure that is designed, built and even hosted correctly.

Hosting your website costs very little and with so many companies to choose from the most important thing is to make sure you are getting what you need. You should always ensure that the server is secure and has very little downtime. When the server is down your website is down. A potential customer will not remember to visit your site again.

POP3 Email.

You are usually offered a number of POP3 email accounts. This means you can send and receive email through your favorite email software, including Microsoft’s Outlook or Outlook Express. Some hosts will limit the number of accounts you can use while others will give you an unlimited number.

Disk space/Bandwidth.

The amount of space your site is allowed and the amount of bandwidth you can use. The size your site needs will depend on how many pages, pictures and dynamic features your site has. If it’s a basic HTML page with only one or two pictures per page and a contact form then you will struggle to find a host that can’t offer you what you need. The number of visitors and the actions they perform on your site determines your bandwidth usage. The number of hits you receive, how many pages they visit and actions they perform are used to calculate exactly how much bandwidth you use.


. Always be sure that you are using a host who has email and telephone support. Many will offer a free live help center as well, although this isn’t as vital. If you have any questions to ask before you pay for their service, then ask them using your preferred method. This will give you ample opportunity to ensure that they respond in a timely and satisfactory manner.

The host you select for your website can make a huge difference to the performance of your online presence. A host that has an unstable server can cost you business, and if they have poor customer communications as well then you are going to struggle to get the problem resolved. Always research hosts thoroughly; check a few Webmaster forums to make sure there are no horror stories. www.searchwrap.com are an inexpensive website host who offer an excellently low downtime with their servers, a wide array of features and a user friendly control panel to boot.

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