Advanced Website Tools

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Advanced Website Tools

Making a site as user friendly and as helpful as possible to visitors is a key part of the promotion, success and ongoing validity of your site. As well as the usual contact details and other methods of customer contact you should seriously consider using the tools that are detailed in this article. Most of them are inexpensive, or even free in some cases, and by providing them you can save time and money while promoting the appearance of a dedicated company with foresight who concentrate on keeping their customers happy.

Click to chat.

Having live help on your website not only looks good but it can also lead to direct sales. Some people are put off by having to email a question to a general email address and subsequently wait for a response. Even then, the response may lead to further questions. Your FAQ page should do some good in providing customers with the extra information they might require but a live help function means that you, or another member of your organization, can be on hand to answer questions immediately.

Many website hosts provide a control panel that has numerous functions and scripts on. Some of the more recent control panels include a script that allows the use of a click to chat function. This service is essentially free offering you the opportunity to provide heightened customer service and potentially greater rates of success when it comes to making sales.

Click to call.

Internet telephony is not a product or service of the future, it is a modern way of providing an exceptional level of service to customers. By providing a live, human voice you give your customers a much more personal touch giving them an increased sense of trust and providing you with a means to sell products while answering questions that customers have.

The click to call function means that your customers can call you using Internet telephony services. You may have seen a similar offering on Instant Messengers. Yahoo messaging service allows you to call fellow users without having to use your phone line and all you need is a microphone. Gone are the times when websites used to try to hide their phone numbers on difficult to find pages, replaced by websites that instead allow customers to easily contact them with click to chat buttons on many pages.

As well as offering a toll free number, click to chat capabilities are likely to yield incredible results for your sales. Your company has the appearance of a customer-dedicated company that will do everything it can to offer help and advice to its customers. By promoting this image you WILL win sales.

Video on web pages

. XHTML designed web pages offer a number of benefits. Including multimedia on your pages is one such advantage, but it is a feature you should treat with respect and include sparingly. While many users now have broadband technology, there are still a large number of surfers still using modem connections and these connections will struggle to cope with slow loading video. That said, by keeping the size of the video file to a minimum and perhaps including the option to turn the video off you can use it very effectively to advertise products and help create customers from visitors.

You should consult with the person responsible for designing your website to see if they know how to add video to your site. If they haven’t done it before you may want to consider getting somebody else to do it. Compressing the file really is essential and done incorrectly it may either remain too large for most visitors to cope with or simply be unusable.

Audio on web pages.

Putting audio on web pages is not exactly a new phenomenon but it isn’t one that has caught on previously. Music on a website can be considered irritating if a short loop is simple repeated over and over again. The key to using audio on your web page is another feature that should be used as sparingly as you can get away with and only using short loops is preferable.

Many webmasters still believe that the best use of audio on a web page is simply for people selling MP3 music. If you do insist on using it ensure that it is only activated by the user or on one occasion. Repeated beeping from a website will detract a viewer’s attention.

Email auto responders.

If you have an email contact list or a newsletter list then it will be virtually essential that you have email auto responders set up. In fact, you should consider it even for sales’ purposes. By using email auto responders you can make sure that you contact customers as and when you need to.

Imagine that you have a subscriber list of over 100 people, all of who have signed up at different times. Without auto responders you will need to manually respond to each and every email that you receive. Auto responders and mailing list management software are often included in the same software package enabling you to automate your sign ups and the people who no longer want to receive communications.

Looking after your customers is essential to your success and by using these tools you can make sure that you accurately keep their details, answer their questions, respond to emails and much more.

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